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Do you have an electrical emergency and need a reliable electrician in Palm Beach County or Dade County? We are also Martin County Electricians. We are licensed and insured electricians in the whole State of Florida.

Whether it is an Boca Raton electrical installation, Miami landscape lighting, Jupiter, FL Electrical house wiring, or a Palm Beach generator installation, we are the Florida electric company for you. Give us a call at 561-220-1119 and we will have the answer for you!

Our Florida Electricians will take care of any of your electrical concerns. We are here to serve you!​​
  • Security Lighting
  • Service Changes and Upgrades
  • Electrical Outlet Installation and Replacement/Upgrades
  • New Construction Electrical Installation
  • Lighting Recommendations and Layouts
  • Emergency Outlets Replacement and Installatio
  • Additions/Remodels/Renovations
  • Parking Lot Light Repair Services
  • Flag Pole Repair and Installation
  • Commercial Services
  • Underground Wiring Tracer & Fault Locator
  • LED Energy Efficient installation/Lighting
  • Energy-Saving Suggestions
  • Data and Voice Cables
  • Computer and Telephone Wiring
  • Control Wiring
  • Voltage, Amperage, Phase Monitoring Equipment
SFL Electricians are the ideal choice for electrical work in the South Florida area, whether your needs are in the home or in a commercial setting. In regards to domestic projects, we do everything from setting up lighting and security systems, installing appliances, hooking up light fixtures, etc. We also respond quickly to anyS electrical malfunctions in the home and can help with upgrading older properties to ensure that they are adhering to the latest safety codes. In the initial construction phase of building a home, SFL Electricians assures quality and reliability by running the original wires for the home’s electrical system as well as hooking the home up to the powerlines.


West Palm Beach Electricians
Areas which are prone to frequent blackouts and/or power outages tend to rely upon a power generator system as a back-up source of electricity. SFL Electricians helps homes and businesses install, wire and maintain generators to ensure that an emergency power source is always available.

Commercial businesses, such as restaurants, factories, food markets and retail stores rely upon electricians to install, maintain and service the machines which are necessary for keeping the company’s production at a maximum. These machines can range from a restaurant’s POS system or walk-in cooler to the conveyer belt at the local grocery stores. Any business needs to be sure that they are protecting their assets by installing a solid security system which includes cameras and door alarms. These systems must be set up correctly, and quickly serviced in the event of a malfunction. Our Boca Electricians are committed to helping businesses function at maximum production by providing thorough, quality customer service.  

Our team of licensed electricians preform work that is held to the absolute highest standards in the industry. Likewise, we encourage our employees to participate in ongoing education to ensure that they are up to date on the latest safety codes and technologies. Each job we do is one hundred percent guaranteed, so if you are not completely satisfied with our work, simply get in touch with us, and we will do whatever it takes to quickly resolve the problem to your satisfaction.
Electricians in South Florida offer competitive pricing in its services. We offer free estimates on all jobs, and keep in constant contact with our customers to ensure that they are aware of the job’s cost so that there are no unpleasant surprises at the end. We want to be sure that our customers receive high quality, professional work at a price that is still affordable.
Palm Beach County Electricians we are highly committed to reliability and enforcing safety standards. We want to be sure that our customers feel secure and confident in each and every job we do, regardless of how small or large the task may be. In order to ensure our customers’ safety and satisfaction, we offer twenty-four hour emergency services.

Electricity is unquestionably one the most important factors which has contributed to the evolution and advancement of human culture. The fact that we now have access to electricity in nearly every residence, business and building throughout the country is something that the majority of us take for granted. As little as a few generations ago, this was not the case. Having electricity was once widely considered a luxury for the prosperous rather than something that is standard.

As a species, we humans are so comfortable with having electricity that it is nearly impossible to truly fathom how different our lives and the world around us would be if electricity simply did not exist. Technologically, there would be no computers, no factory machines, no flush toilets, showers or common household appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers or microwaves. The basic tasks which are necessary for sustaining day to day life, such as having access to clean water and sanitary conditions would certainly require a great deal more time and effort if we were forced to attend to our chores without the assistance of electricity.

In ways that are too numerous to mention, electricity is akin to fire in helping develop human culture. It not only provides us with convenience, the recent market for cars which are electrically charged is helping to pave the way for a sustainable environment. In spite of the many different ways that electricity enhances our lives, the fact remains that it is very dangerous by nature, even potentially lethal.

Coming into contact with a live source of energy, such as touching an exposed wire or being struck by lightning causes an electrical current to pass through the entire body. The amount of damage that the body sustains during the electrocution varies depending upon the amount of voltage present within the current. Lower voltage shocks may only result in minor injury, while higher voltage shocks have a very low survival rate. The sudden introduction of an electrical current causes the body to go into a state of shock, which can result in anything from tingling to numbness to dizziness and surface burns. In cases of higher voltage, severe burning can result, yet the most common effect is cardiac arrest, which often results in death.

It is therefore essential to respect electricity and to understand the potential dangers associated with electrical current. Anytime there is a need for addressing an electrical issue, having access to a knowledgeable electrician who is both competent and reasonable is absolutely vital.

Electricians are specifically educated about all aspects of electricity, as well as in the proper procedures which are necessary for installing, maintaining and servicing wires and other electrical equipment. This knowledge enables them to safely and properly preform electrical work on homes, business or construction sites.